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Every piece of equipment requires either maintenance or adjustments to keep it in correct working order. Regular check-ups are good not only for you, but for your equipment as well! Maintaining your equipment in prime condition will assure that you obtain the most for the money that  you have invested in it.
I have been repairing equipment for the music industry for the last 15 years. 

I can also repair medial equipment including electric wheelchairs, electric beds, traction units, ultrasonic machines, etc.


Over 30 years of experience in the repair and maintenance of equipment in various industries including:




Timber & Paper

Prepress, Printing and Bindery

Audio & Recording



Preventative Maintenance

Repairs and Refurbishment

Circuit Design

Electrical Schematic updates

Industrial Automation

Test and Tag


Having worked in a number of industries gives me a broad range of experience which enables me to tackle almost any problem presented. I have repaired and maintained equipment ranging from pagers and nurse call systems in hospitals up to 6000 horsepower rotating machinery in steel mills. 

Having a child with a disability has given insight into the importance and reliance on working equipment, whether it be a manual wheel chair or multi function electronic equipment. I have worked at Frankston Hospital repairing various pieces of medical equipment. I also have  experience with repairs to equipment for the physiotherapy industry including beds, traction units, ultrasound and splint baths.

I was heavily involved in the design, construction, test transmission and licence approval of a public radio station on the Mornington Peninsula. My duties included the construction of studios, installation of audio and transmission equipment, as well as on air presentation of material.

I have been conducting my repair business since 2000.


"Allan is a highly-skilled electrician and electric systems engineer. Having worked with Allan implementing safety and production systems utilising both TCP/IP and RS232, as well as modifications and electrical work for ICT infrastructure system, I can highly recommend Allan's work. Allan's experience, broad skill-set and knowledge of ICT systems make him a high-value asset to any employer, and I valued him as a hard-working, helpful and approachable colleague." -- Travis Charlton - BD Technologies, AUS

"Allan is a well respected team member who has established a reputation of reliability and technical expertise." - Leigh Facey -HR/OHS Advisor - The Laminex Group

"The site safety OH&S committee decided to upgrade to a complete isolation lock out system. Allan became heavily involved in the design of the new system producing drawings detailing the electrical modifications and installation required for transition works to be completed" - Phil Clack - Maintenance Supervisor -  The Laminex Group

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