Many of you are aware that there are high voltages inside many pieces of electrical equipment. Some of you will even attempt to repair them yourself, that is your choice, but just remember that any audio amplifiers which utilise vacuum tube technologies can have potentials exceeding 400VDC. It may not sound that high but people have been killed by voltages as low as 32VDC.
All it takes is the right combination of skin resistance and voltage to kill

Besides the potential (no pun intended) of electric shock, there is also the possibility of making matters worse by attempting to make the repairs yourself. If you don't know what you are doing how do you know what to look for? Circuit boards are made up of lots of thin copper tracks which carry voltages and signals around the board to make the device operate. If you happen to create a shorted connection between two tracks when attempting to find out what's wrong, you could cause irreparable damage to the circuit board and components, making a simple repair an extremely costly one. 

Like many other trades, electronic technicians spend a minimum of 4 years learning their trade and then spend many years improving their diagnostic skills by repairing all sorts of equipment. It is not the sort of thing you can learn by reading an "Electronics for Dummies" book and become an expert overnight.

Please leave the repairs to those with the experience and training, the last thing we what to hear is about another DIYer found dead in their shed and the burning carcass of a faulty appliance in the corner.


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